Confidential Kennels

Shipping can be a traumatic experience for you puppy. Not only is it the first time away from mom, but they are also exposed to unfamiliar noises, smells and temperatures.  As your puppies guardians we try to do our best to make their journey to their new home as comfortable as possible.  Approximately two weeks before shipment we start to familiarize your pup with their crate, placing toys, food and water inside.  We start by leaving the crate door open and once the pup goes a couple days ,able to wonder in and out, we start placing them inside one hour a day with toys and human scented blankets.  Eventually we keep them in their crates over night changing the bedding into the news paper flooring that is recommended and approved by both Continental and United Airlines our Airlines of shipping preference.  This will also help to start the potty training process with your puppy.  Continental Airlines keeps a Veterinarian on staff 24 hours a day in case of an emergency occurs during the transport of your new puppy.  We also insure or claim a value on your puppy for the highest amount available through the airlines of $1,200.00.  In the extreme case something happens to your puppy during transit the puppy will be replaced with a new puppy of your choice at my cost.  Unfortunately we do not offer refunds in a case like this, but the puppy will be replaced.  Fortunately we have never lost a puppy during shipment.


Remember depending on your flight your puppy will be in his/her crate for an extended amount of time.  The airlines require that we drop the puppies off a minimum amount of an hour and a half before the flight.  It may also take the airlines up to an hour from arrival to transport your puppy to the cargo hold.  The airlines DO NOT allow sedation of any animals being transported, however if the puppy is shaken up you can give them one children’s Benadryl to help relax them after they are in your care.  Please bring a trash bag, paper towels and an animal safe cleaner with you for pick up.  You will need this because some pups are in their crate for an extended amount of time and will mess themselves or get motion sickness.  You pup may also get motion sickness in the car on the ride home, therefore we recommend letting your puppy use the restroom after receiving them before transporting them in your vehicle home.   The towels and cleaner will come in handy in the case your puppy experience a long term flight or motion sickness.  This is completely normal for any puppy.  If you have any concerns after receiving your puppy please see a Veterinarian immediately.   

Shipping Cost

Crate $65.00

Vet Certification $ 100.00

Flight anywhere in The US & Canada $309.00 united airlines

 Total $ 474.00 (If we can get a lower rate we will let you know) 


This is what it cost us to ship your puppy.  We DO NOT make any money off shipment.  We ship at a minimum of 8 weeks of age.  At 8 weeks of age your puppy will weigh between 12-15 lbs.  This is the cost for a puppy in that weight category to be shipped  in a medium sized crate.  Shipping will increase after 8 weeks of age as weight increases.  If the puppy is going to be shipped to a country other than the US or Canada please contacts me directly as different countries have different requirements and shipping prices.  Angela 760-475-8876



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