Confidential Kennels

We only use the best to ship your new baby to you keeping in mind that not only is it their first time away from mom, but they are also exposed to unfamiliar noises, smells and temperatures.  As your puppies guardians we try to do our best to make their journey to their new home as comfortable as possible.  Approximately two weeks before shipment we start to familiarize your pup with their crate, placing toys, food and water inside.  We start by leaving the crate door open and once the pup goes a couple days ,able to wonder in and out, we start placing them inside one hour a day with toys and human scented blankets.  Eventually we keep them in their crates over night changing the bedding into the news paper flooring that is recommended and approved by both Confidential Kennels and Feathers and Fur Express and Aniops our shipping provider of preference.  This will also help to start the potty training process with your puppy.  Feathers and Fur Express  and Aniops uses handlers and transporters with years of exsperance with animals and will care for your puppy as if its there own . .  In the extreme case something happens to your puppy during transit the puppy will be replaced with a new puppy of your choice at my cost.  Unfortunately we do not offer refunds in a case like this, but the puppy will be replaced.  Fortunately we have never lost a puppy during shipment or had one get ill

We offer both ground and air

  For domestic We operate on a -$650-$750-1000 scale. Within the same coast (west to west or east to east) it is $650. Coast to Midwest $750 .Coast to coast $1000. Animals over 90 pounds require $100 more for each type of shipment. We offer a multiple animal discount of 25% for additional animals on the same shipment. We offer in-cabin air shipment for puppies and small dogs under 25 pounds. All pets over 25 ponds will be sipped via ground shipment. We also do international shipping. We provide the crate for all shipments. Door to door service for ground and international. Domestic flight transportation is delivery from airport to airport. We are a professional puppy transporter will hand deliver your puppy or dog. No hassle or stress 

We can transport your pet via flight between the nearest major airports. Your pet will not be left alone or travel as cargo, but will instead remain with our shipper at all times. We will communicate directly with you so that you don’t have to deal with the airline. We provide the transport kennel. You would need to provide a health certification (kind of like a pet physical that the airlines require) from a vet within 10 days of travel, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain. Additionally, you would need to arrange for drop off and pick up of your pet at the airport. A deposit of 100 is required to hold your spot and deducted from your total 

 Deposits are 100 to hold and deducted from the total cost .. It’s 100 more to ship on weekends and 200 more to go into small airports for air travel . This does not apply for ground routes , However there is a 100 charge to deliver after 10pm ground .Please let us know if you would like us to send you an invoice for deposit and confirm your booking.  

Below are the link for the forms for the type of shipping you would like or need .. Also the link to the only shipping companies we trust Feathers and Fir Express for internation and Aniops for domestic 


 Shipping prices may increase after 8 weeks of age as weight increases.  If the puppy is going to be shipped to a country other than the US or Canada please contacts me directly as different countries have different requirements and shipping prices.  Angela 714-335-8784



Please fill out form below if you will need shipping after placing a deposit

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